February 27th, 2014

Special chartered boat cruise for cherry blossom viewing in Kaidu-Osaki

Special chartered boat cruise for cherry blossom viewing in Kaidu-Osaki, one of the unexplored regions of cherry flower in Japan

You know, after long cold winter, Japanese enjoy cherry blossom so much. And you may have enjoyed in Tokyo or Kyoto, so famous spots. But it is difficult to see and take a walk under cherry blossom, because of so many tourists.

Now we invite you to a special cruising for cherry blossom viewing in  Kaidu-Osaki, which is one of Japan’s 100 remarkable cherry blossom spots, and other sightseeing points, as bellow;

Special points of this cruise

1) Because it is on chartered fishermen’s boat,

*You can enjoy cherry blossom near the beach, where big sightseeing boats cannot get to. This cruise will bring you to Kaidu-Osaki (one of Japan’s 100 remarkable cherry blossom viewing spot), Kaidu traditional stone masonry (one of the important cultural landscape in Japan)

and the pine tree beach (one of the 100 remarkable beach in Japan).

*You can enter the small river and landing near Harie port, which became famous from a NHK documentary film of “Satoyama (hillside ecological life style)”, where usually you cannot enter without permission.

*You can see the traditional fishing trap of Lake Biwa.

2) Because this cruise starts from Harie port,

*No traffic jams around Kaidu-Osaki (there is only one road to access the cherry blossom viewing street)

*You can take your time while boating on Lake Biwa.


[Special chartered boat cruise for cherry blossom viewing in Kaidu-Osaki]

■Date: 12th & 13th, April, 2014

■Departure time: 10:00/13:30 (2 hours course. checking time is 10 min before)

■Meeting place: Harie port (Shin-Asahi-cho, Takashima city, Shiga pref, Japan)

■Number: 30/each time (registration needed, first-come-first-served basis, minimum number is 6)

■Charge: 4,900yen/person (cruising, guide, insurance, welcome food)

■Participation application: 077-525-6674 (or the first, have a contact with us from this web-site. after that we should make insurance)

■Application deadline: 7th, April, 17:00

■Produced by Rural tourism in Lake district, Japan

■Attention *minimum age 6 *If rainy, no cruising. *please bring rain coat, walking shoes, drinks *please take care of your health condition *In cherry blossom season, route 161 will be so crowded. So if you take a car, please leave time to spare *If you take JR train, get off at Shin-Asahi station, then take a taxi (10 min, 1,200yen)


By train & taxi; take JR train to Shin-Asahi station (from Kyoto, it takes about 45min), then take taxi.

By car: take route 161 from Kyoto or Otsu to north (about 50km), when you find Kitahata crossing point in Takashima city, turn right toward east, go straight about 1.5km. Then you will find route 333, aroung Biwa lake, turn left to north. Go straight about 2km, you will find Harie port.



About Harie

Harie is located in Shin-Asahi district, Takashima city, Shiga pref, Japan. This area has clean springs and a water channal network called “Kabata”, that people use water together for drinking, cooking, washing and so on. For NHK documentary film in 2004, many people visit this area to learn their ecologicl life style. This community won Japan’s eco-tourism grand prize. French Michelin green guide introduces this area.


Produced by, Rural tourism in Lake district, Japan (managed by NPO HCC Group)


HP: http://kokoku-gt.com/en/ Email: info@yuyu-kan.com

Address: Nagara 2-9-1, Otsu city, Shiga pref, Japan




August 2nd, 2012

Special yummy food festival in Lake District, Japan!

[Special yummy food festival in Lake District in Japan, Vol.2]

How hot here in Lake District in Japan! In such condition, it must be best to spend around Biwa Lake… Ooh! This Sat and Sun, there will have “special yummy food festival in Lake district, Shiga pref, Japan” (11:00-21:00)


[Fried food, Japanese Donbri, Sweets..... all of them use Lake District material!]




June 24th, 2012

How about treeing?

Have you tried treeing? yeah, what is it?
With ropes, you claim up tree, over 15m. How can you enjoy the scene from the tree?
How you feel the calm wind at there?
27th July, you can join treeing event in Yogo, Nagahama, Shiga pref.
This time, this event is for couples. you can enjoy with your friend, family and so on.
Let’s try treeing together!

Date; 27th July, 9:00-, 14:00- (you can select the time)
Place; woodypal Yogo, Nagahama city, Shiga pref, Japan
Charge; 10,000yen (a couple)



June 16th, 2012

Cooking Chimaki event in the west side of Biwa lake

In Lake District, Shiga, Japan, the West side of Biwa Lake, Nakano rural community people have made their life, paying respect to natural resources of clean and fresh water, wild vegetables of hillside, good rice farming place.
Every June, after planting rice, people have made “Chimaki” of sweet rice cake, covered with wild bamboo grass.
We will have this traditional event with you on 23th and 24th June. You can have a special time with local people, picking wild bamboo grass, cooking Chimaki, and having lunch together. You can select one-day course or two days course. Every year many people want to join. Please hurry to call us!