August 2nd, 2012

Special yummy food festival in Lake District, Japan!

[Special yummy food festival in Lake District in Japan, Vol.2]

How hot here in Lake District in Japan! In such condition, it must be best to spend around Biwa Lake… Ooh! This Sat and Sun, there will have “special yummy food festival in Lake district, Shiga pref, Japan” (11:00-21:00)


[Fried food, Japanese Donbri, Sweets..... all of them use Lake District material!]






June 24th, 2012

How about treeing?

Have you tried treeing? yeah, what is it?
With ropes, you claim up tree, over 15m. How can you enjoy the scene from the tree?
How you feel the calm wind at there?
27th July, you can join treeing event in Yogo, Nagahama, Shiga pref.
This time, this event is for couples. you can enjoy with your friend, family and so on.
Let’s try treeing together!

Date; 27th July, 9:00-, 14:00- (you can select the time)
Place; woodypal Yogo, Nagahama city, Shiga pref, Japan
Charge; 10,000yen (a couple)



June 16th, 2012

Cooking Chimaki event in the west side of Biwa lake

In Lake District, Shiga, Japan, the West side of Biwa Lake, Nakano rural community people have made their life, paying respect to natural resources of clean and fresh water, wild vegetables of hillside, good rice farming place.
Every June, after planting rice, people have made “Chimaki” of sweet rice cake, covered with wild bamboo grass.
We will have this traditional event with you on 23th and 24th June. You can have a special time with local people, picking wild bamboo grass, cooking Chimaki, and having lunch together. You can select one-day course or two days course. Every year many people want to join. Please hurry to call us!