August 26th, 2012

Have a wonderful staying, in Yogo type traditional house!

[So thick timber in high ceiling entrance!]

Suginogawa hometown house, Sakichi” is in Kinomoto, Nagahama city, in Shiga pref. You can stay and have a wonderful experience of Yogo type traditional house.


What is Yogo type traditional house? It has a thatched roof, and has a roof of steep slope, which deals with much of snow in winter.


“When getting in the house, the entrance of earth floor and high ceiling welcome you. You might feel, it is not so special. But the timber of the roof is so thick and black, which has a history over 150 years. The contrast of white wall and black timber is so beautiful. You must feel openness solemnity, and tenderness. It is the characteristics of Yogo type traditional house.

“Sakichi” opened in June 2010. It was empty house so long term. The community people repair it, cleaning, flooring, and painting… all processes. Mr. Yokoyama, the leader of the community group, shows their hospitality, “ we hope every visitors can feel natural energy and be fine”.

[Convenient kitchen and “Irori”! of Japanese traditional fire place!]

When up to the house (you have to take off your shoes, when getting in Japanese house), you can see modern and woody kitchen on your left side. The kitchen is toward the Irori. And It has a counter. You can enjoy cooking and chatting with your friends and so on!!



And and finally….. you must enjoy Irori, Japanese traditional fire place. This district has much of snow and cold weather in winter, but with this fire place, you can enjoy the scenery of snow by window.




[So interest event of tradition, in rural area]

Beside of this Itori, sometimes they hold events, such like making Japanese Miso. You can have some experience of rural area with community people.

Mr. Yokoyama recommend to taking a walk in misty morning. “All visitors can be fine for this morning scenery”, he said. This area locates the west hill side of Mt. Ibuki. So the sunshine comes slowly in morning. We have to stay over night!

Ms Toyota, the manager of Izanai Kohoku settle down promotion center, the support group of Sakichi, told, “this community people are so kind. In early spring, there have no flower. So all residents planted pretty flower. Such kindness often makes a welcome story with visitors. When visitors were eating watermelon at the verandah of Sakichi in summer, the residents gave them their vegetables. And after the earthquake in north east area of Japan, a family escaped that area, visited Sakichi, and their children could enjoy outside playing with that community residents’ children together, and so on….. Sakichi has many repeaters. Now we are sure.

[Yogo lake, Kinomoto, Mt. Ibuki….. have a nice trip in nature!]

After you enjoyed walking around Sakichi, you can take a car to Mt. Ibuki, enjoy cycling around Yogo lake, or taking a walk in Kinomoto traditional town. In autumn, the scenery of colored leaves in Keisokuji-temple is so beautiful. You can enjoy Kohoku fully, with the base of Sakichi.

[Sakichi data]

Suginogawa hometown house Sakichi
address: Sugino 2610, Kinomoto, Nagahama city, Shiga pref, Japan.

5000yen (2persons) additional charge 1500 yen a person
In winter, the fuel fee 500 yen a day

Izanai Kohoku settle down promotion center
Asahi-cho 8-23, Nakgahama city, Shiga pref, Japan
TEL 0749-50-1019  FAX 0749-50-1018
E-Mail cohok-style@leto.eonet.ne.jp