SORANONE fire cookers

June 12th, 2012


In Takashima city, Shiga, lke District Japan, at the beautiful hillside, we can find SORANONE. We visited there for a live event, on 3rd June.

With comfortable slow music,beautiful landscape,yummy meals, how special time we had. enjoyed eating, dancing.

At SORANONE, you can enjoy rice cooking, in “artistic way”. preparing rice with clean spring water, boiling with traditional Japanese kitchen, KAMADO”. Especially, the rice is non-chemical “milky-queen” from HARIE NONKI-FARM, in Takashima.
You know Japanese rice as Japonica, the taste and texture are different with long-grained rice. Additionally, boiled with SORANONE’s traditional fire cookers, the rice is so tasty. We enjoyed much of yummy at there, but the finally we found that the rice was the best.

To enjoy with children and elders, we recommend here!